Wednesday, January 13, 2010

cakes, cakes and more cakes!

OOOO weeee isn't that a pretty one! Everyone just loves the princess cake class...but not everyone loves the marzipan that covers it... I find that rather odd but American tastes are just not used to the strong pungent flavor of bitter almond. I, personally, love it! But whether or not they like to eat it they really enjoy working with it, creating these pretty roses, ropes and covering the cake in a thin sheet of marzipan.
The best marzipan is imported from Europe since they are the ones that cherish this confection and use it in many of their sweets. In Switzerland and I am sure other countries in that general area, they have whole stores devoted to nothing but marzipan candies. Anything can be made out of marzipan as I saw while traveling there marzipan made to look like fish, cheese, fruit, bread and characters of all sorts! It is quite an art.

Here we are happy to make nice roses to garnish our beautiful cake. They are made by hand petal by petal.  Then after the cake is iced with huge amounts of whipped cream you cover it with a thin layer of rolled out marzipan.

Then you smooth down the marzipan and garnish it with a two tones rope and pink roses...gotta love it!

AND then you eat it!! Soft tender vanilla chiffon filled with creamy vanilla bean custard and seedless raspberry jam and piled high with fresh lightly sweeted whipped cream... and then there is the coating that if you, like it or not... have to admit it is awfully darned pretty! Fit for a princess :) or a prince... they like roses too...


Dea Evans said...

ahhhh! that is all my daughter and I could say!

Whitney said...

OOOH that looks delish and beautiful!

liz said...

Love the pictures of the princess cake. I have been making mine a bit to tall. You know that funny look you get from Deirdre. Now I can't say "this is how steph taught me" Ha Ha love hugs kisses Liz in sandpoint

Megan said...

I want to come learn to play with marzipan! I've never made a princess cake but would love to learn. Yours looks beautiful!