Friday, June 25, 2010

We're open!!

Hey all. we opened today with mini cakes to sell! I am calling them Petits G√Ęteaux...what do you think? 
Little cakes is the translation, if you don't speak French. Do you think it is too foreign? I kinda like it, really. It seems cultured and refined. I want my cakes to reflect quality and refinement. Does this work for you? Please let me know... comment on this subject. It means the world to me! 
So when you walk inside you  will be subjected to fabulous cupcakes or just chatting with one of us. We are three fabulous women who have been in the wedding business for many years. Myself, who has been making wedding cakes in the Central Coast area for over 35 years. My partner Marty who has been  a photographer for many years this area and Andrea who not only caters but also co-ordinates weddings. We have tons of local referals for music, flowers, invitations, and much much more.
If you want a one stop shop for weddings or major events we are the place to go! 
Come see us: Thursday - Sunday Noon - 7 pm or so... :) still figuring it out :))
The cupcakes, Petits Gateaux, will be available during our open hours and the flavors will change weekly. 
One for $3 or 2 for $5 or 6 for $15.... give them a try we have flavors like salted caramel, carrot ginger, lemon meringue, I want s'more (guess what that is!), and the chocolate "mostess" cupcake. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Win chocolate for one year!

Guess the Origin Contest for more info on Armano chocoates and the contest click on this link!

This contest is from Armano chocolates a small artisan chocolate maker. They came to the school a couple of years ago and I was privileged to try several of their single origin chocolates. 
This contest is for the chocolate savvy! You must be able to identify the origin of the chocolate by looking at this photo!
But if you do they will send you 10 bars of chocolate for a month for one year! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My new web page!

Just a quick note to let you know that my dear Kathy re-created my web page for me!
It's now about my cake shoppe and my new business. Please go check it out and tell me what you think. It is much different than the old one. I like it because it is cleaner and easier to navigate. is the address if you haven't already been there.
We are closer to opening the doors for business... perhaps this weekend! Here you see one of my partners painting the walls. She did all the painting... bless her!
I am excited and only hope I can keep my energy up for both my jobs because teaching is a passion I am not able to walk away from at this point in my life. But creating incredible cakes is great fun and I get lots of creative juices flowing by decorating.
The kitchen is just too fun as well. I am baking in Russo's kitchen on Fern St. and it turns out that three of the old time bakers that have been around here as long as I have are working out of this kitchen too. So I feel like I am home. I guess I will have to photograph the kitchen as well.

For now though I have this shot of my table at the event I did last weekend with my other partner who sold her chocolate sauces. Unfortunately, there were several huge events going on at the same time and it was so very hot outside my cupcakes began to melt and there just were not enough folks to make it worth hanging out so I took the cupcakes back to the bakery and froze them. I then decided to use them as a marketing tool and I walked around downtown to my new neighbors and gave away goodies! I made a lot of people's day, I'll tell you!