Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random sweet, cakes and students

Meet Kristi! She is just one of my fabulous students in my night class and she is posing with the mocha hazelnut triangle cake she made in class. The reason I am introducing you to her is I need to give her credit for all the nice pictures she has been taking of me in action. Most of the latest cake/pastry pictures that I have been posting with me in them is her talented hands taking them for me with her little point and shoot... not bad, huh? This one included but of course I had to take this of her so I could properly thank her :) THANKS KRISTI!! You rock!

Next up random pictures of cakes I have made lately. These were taken by Royce (thanks Royce!) from Blurred line photography...(you can find them on facebook!)... and soon I will have the one I am making for our wedding cake section as demo... they want to see a topsy turvy cake so I am obliging. But that will be next week for now I have a nice picture of the one I did for the mid day class.
I call it the "drapery cake" for obvious reasons...

And this bit of chocolate artistry that I ended up taking to my local fire station right around dinner time...knocking on the door with my uniform on, they open and I blurt out. "Am I late for dinner??" with the cake in hand... I got a few strange looks and of course I then broke up and told them I was just bringing a few local heros some yummy sweets and they told me I was their hero! Awwwww gosh....
BTW it is a double chocolate mousse entremet (french cake) with a dark chocolate glaze and marbled chocolate bark around the outside... they were very happy! 

And this little number (sorry about the poor photo I took it with my phone) is the very first doll cake I have ever made! I have been making cakes for over 30 years and never made one of these before! Amazing.... but it was fun to dress her up. I used buttercream under the fondant and then made the flowers with gum paste and hand painted little hearts on the under skirt in front. The crown is also gum paste. I made a little four year old girl very very happy!


Mary said...

How lucky you are to have a student who also does a great job with the photos of you. I really like your blog and will be back often.

chefany said...

Yes, I am very fortunate and thanks for visiting I like your blog too :)