Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bloggers block... broken!

Ok so I am pretty new to this blogger thing... and at first was excited to share all my knowledge and information about baking. I still am really... but for some reason have a big old block as to what to write about... I don't know how this happened to me really since baking is my life and that is about all I do that is interesting to talk about... but at this point in my blog I am at a loss...
But WAIT! As I sit here complaining that I am stuck I am realizing, tomorrow I am making a fabulous cake for Rose Levy Beranbaum (of the Cake Bible and now Rose's Heavenly Cakes...fame) who will be the guest at the Bakers Dozen meeting on Tuesday! WOOOO HOOOO material :) Oh joy!
And to top it all off it is a passionfruit cake with a white chocolate cream cheese icing! I just posted two fabulous desserts on my facebook page that featured passionfruit (lilikoi in Hawaiian) and many asked for recipes... so I guess I can share Rose's recipe for this incredible cake. I made it last week in class to try it out and couldn't stop putting it in my mouth! That is a very good sign, you want a dessert to be so good you can't stop eating it! That is my measure for a great dessert.. or any great food actually.
So stay tuned... I will photograph, bake and assemble tomorrow! I will then write about the deliciousenss of this passionate cake!
EXCITED NOW!!! I will post one of the desserts we made in class that has passionfruit curd and a greek yogurt mousse with a passion soaked sponge cake and glaze. Just to get you into the mood!


Anna said...

That looks beautiful... Good luck on your blog!

Mali said...

Wow Chef Stephan that looks delish! Thank you for posting awesome photo's of step by step process on how to do this, so that I can make sure I'm not screwing anything up. I look forward to making Passion fruit cake like yours. Keep up the wonderful work.