Sunday, December 20, 2009

Patricia Rain the Vanilla Queen

MY Goodness, I have the sweetest friend in the world...and not only sweet but brilliant and a warrior for the world at large...ok not the entire world but for sure the tropical one... she began by selling vanilla from Mexico and with the connections she amassed in her travels she realized there was a need to support these people who work in the jungles to give us one of our most prized flavors. Now she has found a new passion... helping all those farmers in the tropical areas growing all of our favorite foods and flavors from those areas such as chocolate, spices, nuts, and many more. Her website is an exciting blend of culinary information and information about these foods and the farmers who produce them. Please check out her website at:
And support her by buying her fabulous vanilla products which in turn supports the farmers and of course our QUEEN!!!
Here is the link to the embarrassingly glowing article she wrote about me

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