Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking a bit of a break from baking...

Since I have this wonderful rest period after Christmas...I am taking advantage and going out to eat a few times this of my favorite foodie locations is the Ferry Building in San Francisco and I am going to meet a dear friend up there for dinner. Our plan is to restaurant hop through the Ferry Building, OH JOY!
But first I am meeting another dear friend that I have known since I was a wee foodie. Our favorite haunts are around North Beach so we will probably have for lunch a little chinese and then some Italian food but I must go light since I am then heading down to meet Beth for the restaurant crawl...I will take some pictures of the food and drinks I promise!
I am hoping all you readers out there have had an inspired Holiday season and will have a wonderful New Year! Here's hoping you bring in the New Year with fabulous food and even more fabulous friends and family!
Have a good one and remember we can always diet NEXT YEAR!!

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